Case Study: Dry facts transformed into captivating high-profile infographic

Everyone knows the basics of a good presentation: keep it simple, let your passion for your product or service shine through, and engage your audience right from the start. But what about when you have a lot of dry, technical information that needs to be presented? How do you go about making facts and figures understandable, and even memorable? Effective content presentation is not only about promoting your products or services; it is also about engaging meaningfully with the people who consume your content in order to generate positive response and build brand credibility.

Grow Corp was tasked with crafting powerful messaging for Hartuv Cement, the second largest cement manufacturing plant in Israel, to help them gain critical exposure during a 10-minute Knesset Finance Committee session. Dry facts and figures had to make a maximum impact on the audience, without exceeding the 2-minute time allotment. The catch? The Finance Committee was meeting in 3 days’ time.

Read this Case Study to learn how Grow’s outstanding teamwork between strategists, designers, copywriters and project managers led to the project’s smooth progression and on-time delivery. Grow Corp delivered a powerful message via an eye-catching presentation, and ensured Hartuv Cement could get their message across clearly in under two minutes.