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India: A land of unlimited opportunity for Israeli innovation

Introduction This report examines the enormous potential for business development that’s exists between Israel and India today. It looks at the history of Israel-India business relations, key agreements made between the two countries that ease the way for further business collaboration and reports on Indian Prime minister, Modi’s, recent visit to Israel. The report also […]

Will you be in the Next edition of Websters dictionary?

Across the board, appropriate and meaningful naming is considered both critical and valuable. Yet, in the rush to launch the next market disruption, or bring a product to market, the necessary steps required for a precise and meaningful naming selection are often omitted. The results can be absolutely disastrous. Commercialization efforts can be severely hampered when […]

Is the trade show right for me? Am I ready for the trade show?

Selecting your next trade show and building your team’s game plan  Trade shows present excellent opportunities to generate sales leads, showcase your products, network with key industry players, scout out the competition or gain media exposure. Much time, effort and financial resources are invested in preparation and attendance of every show. With thousands of events […]

Business-Driven Customer Feedback: The How and Why

Gathering feedback on how customers view your products, services and support leads to a gold mine of actionable data….if done right. Here are some best practices for collecting and capitalizing on the feedback you receive from your customers: Determine the purpose for gathering feedback Before embarking on any efforts to collect feedback, consider the specific […]