Unbelievable! Unsplash: Amazing, free images that will take your content over the top

You know you have an incredible product, quality web content and an iron-clad social media strategy but you are still struggling to build the online following your business needs. How do you make sure your website is the one that gets noticed ahead of the competition.

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Photo Credit:  Aaron Burden – Unsplash

We live in a visual world. Your text, however compelling, well-researched and useful it is, will not stand much chance of getting noticed when it has to compete with the image-laden beauty on the next website.

Marketers will tell you that blogs that contain images receive 94% more views than blogs without images and social media updates containing images get far more likes, retweets, and shares than those without.

Get more views and hits

You want your message to stick in people’s heads? A well-chosen image will make your message much more memorable. Research shows that people retain much more information when it is combined with an image than when it isn’t.

Proper use of images also increases the chances of your website being found though organic searches and raises its profile in Search engines.

Find that winning picture

So how are you going to find that winning photograph that will draw your prospects irresistibly to you website?

A Google search will return a mixed bag of pictures many of which will be unusable due to copyright restrictions or poor quality.

Many online image repositories, such as Shutterstock, charge you for the privilege of using their photographs and what sees like small sums initially, can add up over the long-term. On stock photography agency Getty’s website it is not uncommon to pay upwards of $500 for an image!

All this makes Unsplash a powerful tool to have in your marketing arsenal.

Unbelievable Unsplash!

Unsplash is a repository of beautiful, free photos gifted by the photographers themselves. Over 41,000 professional and amateur or hobbyist photographers from all over the world share their original, high-quality images to this online community. The images are free to use and can be shared and uploaded to your website without restrictions. Whilst you are not required to credit the photographer when you use their photograph, doing so is appreciated.

Every photograph submitted goes through an extensive computerized check before being reviewed by an editorial team who select the best quality content to feature.

Whilst Unsplash originally started as a side project of Crew (a community of freelance designers) it became a separate company about a year ago.

There are currently over 200,000 images to choose from and the numbers are increasing every day. To date, there have been 200 million downloads from the site and it has received 20 billion views.

Share the goodwill

You may wonder what’s in it for the photographer. As well as the draw of being part of a global community that shares a common commitment to sharing and distributing exceptional photography with the world, many Unsplash photographers started off by using the site themselves for their own projects and decided they wanted to ‘give something back’. Unsplash photographers also get recognition and exposure through being featured on the site.

So go ahead and make your website stand out with an attention-grabbing photograph and know that in doing so, you are supporting a forward-thinking community of photographers who see the value of sharing their talents with the world.

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