Will you be in the Next edition of Websters dictionary?

Across the board, appropriate and meaningful naming is considered both critical and valuable. Yet, in the rush to launch the next market disruption, or bring a product to market, the necessary steps required for a precise and meaningful naming selection are often omitted.

The results can be absolutely disastrous. Commercialization efforts can be severely hampered when forced to use an arbitrary project name passed on from the development stage, or even a code name used during stealth mode. Developers typically  do not understand how the name affect its benefits or functionality; “if it delivers on its promise, who cares what we call it.”

Nevertheless, for all those arguments, naming can be a significant contributor to the success of both the product and the company. It can also be an excellent opportunity to create and reinforce vital brand values. Moreover, poor naming can actually be a burden on an otherwise stellar product.
In addition to the difficulties inherent in choosing a name, a variety of other challenges often exist. Domain name availability is a common obstacle, and when a global presence is being considered, language and cultural issues are at the forefront. Without a doubt, the primary goal is to stand out in the crowd, but in order to succeed in this objective, clarity and precision are essential.

Download: The Art and Science of Business Naming.

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